Common Code Violations Found by Inspectors

The three most popular categories for violations are electrical, plumbing and building/structural.

The most common electrical hazard inspectors find are too many wires plugged into one outlet or switch that can cause a fire.  A lack of GFCI outlets in bathrooms and kitchens and other minor electrical issues like reverse-polarity on outlets are also commonly found.  Most of these are inexpensive repairs that home sellers would benefit from fixing in order to sell their home.

Plumbing issues can sometimes be small fixes also–dripping or leaking faucets, loose toilets, and improper drainage.  Unfortunately, not making these repairs can lead to major problems, so finding and fixing them when they are small is of benefit to everyone.

The third issue is related to building/structural codes.  These would include illegal additions to properties, which mean someone added a room or altered a garage, etc. without a permit.   In addition, roofs tend to be included on this list also due to aging, rotting and wear and tear and possible leaks.

Just remember, the home inspector is only doing their job, and when they find an issue, it is everyone’s benefit to make the repairs.  Home Inspector picture


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