Fall projects and repairs

Fall is upon us and now is the perfect time to do some last minute repairs before winter comes! Following is a list with a few tips:
1. Lawn care – Raking and aerating the lawn and garden beds will prevent them from “suffocating” during winter.
2. Windows – Cleaning and washing windows inside and out will make the house look great for winter and won’t need to be done again until spring. This would also be the time to install storm windows if necessary.
3. Exterior paint – Now is the time to complete any exterior painting, whether it is your whole house or just touching up areas that have exposed wood. Bare wood can lead to future problems once exposed to the winter elements.
4. Roof repair – The roof is an often overlooked area as it is not easily looked at often. Look for any missing or damaged shingles that need replacing. Call a professional necessary.
5. Power washing – Getting rid of any mold or mildew that has developed throughout the warm summer months is a good idea.
6. Seal gaps and add insulation – Adding caulking and weather stripping to doors and windows can help prevent heat loss in the cold winter months and will also save on heating costs.
7. Tune up furnace – A professional tune up of your home’s furnace will help alleviate any possible large repairs in the future. Winter is not the time you want your furnace to fail!a_man_raking_fallen_leaves_royalty_free_080818-095072-962018
8. Clean carpets – Fall is a perfect time to have your carpets cleaned after all the dirt tracked in during the summer. Humidity in the air is gone and this will speed the drying process of your carpet.
9. Clean, repair and protect gutters – Your home’s gutters divert thousands of gallons of water a year. Now is the time to clean and repair your gutters to preventing any backups in the future.
10. Repair walkways and driveways – Cracks can quickly expand in winters freezing temperatures and can be hazards for anyone walking on them. Hire a professional to ensure these cracks are taken care of properly and won’t cause future problems.
11. Winterize faucets and sprinkler systems – Winterizing a sprinkler system is a job best left to a professional. Faucet protectors can be found at any hardware store and is an easy DIY project.
12. Fireplace – Proper inspection is vital for your fireplace and is also best left to a professional. They can properly assess if your damper is functioning and if you have any damaged brickwork or masonry that needs to be replaced or repaired.
Once this short list of projects is completed, take a road trip with your family and enjoy the beautiful fall colors and watch a football game! Enjoy your fall!


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