Finding a great real estate agent

This will be your first step – whether you are buying or selling your home. The question is how to find a good one. Following are a few tips to consider when making your selection:

1. Referrals: Ask a friend, family member, neighbor or coworker who they have used and see who they would recommend. Try to find an agent who goes above and beyond.

2. Search online for agent listings: If you are looking for an agent this way, the best bet is to Google the top real estate company in your area and look up individual agent profiles and read their customer reviews.

3. Attend open houses: Attending open houses in your area is a great way to interact with the agent. Get their business card and make notes of your first impression of them—did they point out qualities of the home they were presenting or were they sitting in the corner reading a book? First impressions can speak volumes.

4. Track neighborhood signs: Pay attention to the listing signs in your neighborhood. The agent who sells the fastest might be better than the agent who has the most “for sale” signs. Results speak volumes.

5. Ask other agents for referrals: Most agents are happy to refer buyers and sellers to associates, especially if the service you need is not a specialty of the agent who is referring you.
Keep in mind, the best agent for you is an experienced professional who will listen to you, conducts themselves in an ethical manner, and knows the market.

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