Repairs to consider from winter damage

 HouseA recent article on MSN shared some repairs to consider making, especially considering the harsh winter we have had in the U.S.  Fixing these problems will eliminate bigger problems in the future.

Roofing and guttersSnow and winds cause a lot of damage through the winter.  Ice dams are common after a snowstorm because the snow melts and reforms as ice near the edge of the roof.  This prevents proper drainage in the gutters, which allows the ice to seep under the roof for more damage.  Removing snow as soon as possible is the best way to prevent future damage.

PipesBecause of below-freezing temperatures or improper insulation, pipes freeze and sometimes burst.  Contacting a plumber immediately is basically your safest bet to fix the problem and get the water flowing again.

Damaged or fallen treesSnow and wind cause trees to fall and limbs to break, sometimes close to homes and on power lines because of high winds and heavy snowfall.  Hiring a professional can sometimes be your quickest place to start.  If is directly on a power line, calling the company directly is the way to go.

Siding  – The winter winds can cause siding to blow off.  This allows the house’s inner siding to get wet, which can lead to mold.  It can also allow for pests if there are holes or leaks, so homeowners should fix these issues as soon as possible.

Structural issues and leaks  – Leaks are common winter storm problems homeowners need to tackle immediately also.  Common places for these are the roof, windows, doors or siding.  If there is a basement, homeowners should also check for leaks in the foundation to avoid flooding or future structural issues.

Heaters and furnaces  – Freezing temperatures can cause furnaces to be pushed to their limits.  Seeking a professional for any heating, ventilation and air-conditioning is highly advisable to keep systems running smoothly.

These simple repairs will keep your home from being damaged further from winter’s wrath and ensure your home’s condition for the future.

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