How to sell your house fast!

So you have decided to sell your house.  What next?  Here are some helpful tips to get your home to sell fast.

Find a realtor – Your best bet to get your home to sell quickly is to find a realtor.  Ask family or friends for a referral of someone they have used.  A realtor can help you set the right price for your property, offer suggestions to get your home sold quickly, and can use their resources to properly market your property and get it sold fast.

Set the right price – Every realtor knows that pricing a property right is key.  A common mistake homeowners make is pricing a property too high hoping to receive a higher net gain.  Your realtor will know, based on your area, what price to put your property.

Prepare your property BEFORE listing it – The key is getting your home to look its best right from the start.  Part of this process is by “staging” it properly.  Now is the time to make any necessary repairs, sprucing up the curb appeal, mowing the lawn, fresh paint, trimmed bushes and immaculately cleaned are all things that will appeal to a home buyer.

Keeping it clean – After your home is on the market, it is not time to sit back and do nothing.  Now is the time to make sure your home stays looking its best for potential buyers.  Don’t forget to eliminate odors also.

Fade into the background – Now is the time to let your realtor do his job.  Keeping the house clean is your job, now it is up to him/her to get your house sold.  Make sure you are not home during a house showing, but do make yourself available for any questions your realtor may have to pass along to potential buyers.

Offer incentives to make the deal more attractive – If you have a buyer who loves the house, but needs a little more incentive to make a commitment, there are a number of things you can do to make your home more appealing.  An offer to cover buyer closing costs can bring the up-front expenses of buying your home into range for a first-time buyer struggling to make the down payment.  Other common incentives are “decorating allowances-i.e. carpet, etc., or including household items and appliances in the purchase price.

Following these tips, and your realtor’s advice, should get you on the road to selling your home quickly and onto your next adventure!

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