Ten best home improvements for your dollar

According to a recent article posted on MSN, following are the top ten home improvements for your dollar:

  1. REPLACE YOUR FRONT DOOR – You may not notice your front door all the time, especially if you use another entrance, but just by replacing your front door can give you a 96.6 return on your investment.  If your door is still in great shape, just giving it a paint job can make a huge difference.
  2. ADD A DECK OR PATIO – No matter where you live, outdoor space is always a huge selling feature!  You can gain 86 percent just by adding a wood deck, possibly more if it is a sustainable product.
  3. ADD SPACE OR AN ATTIC BEDROOMS – Depending on your budget, adding space or an attic bedroom can rapidly increase the value of your home by possibly 84 percent.
  4. REPLACE YOUR GARAGE DOOR – Garage door manufacturers offer a huge selection of garage doors.  Just by upgrading this can recoup possibly 83 percent on your investment.
  5. REMODEL YOUR KITCHEN – Just a minor remodel project can gain 82 percent and 74 percent of a major remodel project.  If you are planning on selling soon, just minor changes would be worth the effort like painting cabinets or upgrading appliances.
  6. REPLACE YOUR WINDOWS – Homeowners are especially aware of energy efficiency when it comes to windows.  This can gain you a 79 return on your investment.  When you go to sell your home, this can be a major selling point in the marketing of the property also.
  7. REPLACE YOUR SIDING – If your home’s exterior needs a major improvement, you can typically recoup 78 percent of your investment just by replacing siding with vinyl siding.
  8. BASEMENT ADDITION OR REMODELING – By finishing the lower level of your home, you can recoup up to 78 percent of your investment.
  9. UPDATE YOUR BATHROOM – Major bathroom renovations can cost thousands of dollars.  However, making minor changes such as changing the mirror and fixtures and repainting the space can gain you 73 percent return on your investment.
  10. TWO STORY ADDITIONFor a 72 percent return on investment, add a second floor addition or first floor family room.  Just be careful not to over-improve your home for the neighborhood.

Contact a realtor and they can offer advice as to what improvements can help you sell your home quick and for top dollar.

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