Tips for holding a successful Open House

You have decided to sell your home and now is the time to market it.  Follow Open house signthese tips for holding a successful open house to get your house sold!

  1. Pick the right date.  When planning your open house, check the calendar for any major events in the area or holidays.  You will be disappointed if you hold your open house on a holiday and no one is there to attend.
  2. Declutter!  The plan is to move from your house to another one so why not start the process of decluttering now and you will have less to move.
  3. Create a feeling of space.  Besides decluttering, move your furniture around in the rooms to give the feeling of more space.
  4. Clean, clean, clean.  Now is the time to do a deep cleaning of your home.  Once the deep cleaning is done, just spot cleaning will be necessary for any future open houses or showings.
  5. Promote your open house.  Your realtor will do his part in promoting your open house, but doing your part is a good idea also.  Spread the word to family and friends—they all have friends and co-workers who may be looking to buy a home.  Word-of-mouth is the cheapest form of advertising.
  6. Remove your valuables.  Put away or even remove from your home all the valuables that can be stolen. Take a note of the placement of items that remain in the house. Store away and lock all the firearms.
  7. Remove you, pets and vehicles from the property.  Don’t wait at the end of the street for the open house to be over, go enjoy yourself!   Take the kids to the park or go enjoy a movie!

If you follow the above tips, your home will sell quickly and you will be on to your next adventure!

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