Tips for moving with pets

Some helpful Moving Tips when moving with petsDog

*Make sure your pet is wearing proper identification and any required license tags in case they get lost.

*Ask your veterinarian for a copy of your pet’s medical history to take with you and be sure all shots are current.

*Keep an eye on your pet for signs of stress.  Consider having them boarded or at a friend’s home on actual moving day.

*When you move, take along a health certificate and rabies vaccination certificate.  The health certificate, signed by your vet, says your pet is in good condition.  The rabies certification states when and where your pet was vaccinated.

*If you move across state lines, call or write the state veterinarian for laws on the entry of animals.

*After the move, give your pet time to adjust to the new neighborhood.

*If your pet has an ID implant, remember to have updated contact information.

Remember, moving time is an adjustment time for everyone, including your pet.

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